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Karaco Trading Company, as the first importer and distributer, containing the most complete storage and an expansive system of repairing for Clark forklifts (Sepahan) in Iranian market and since 1998 with the goals to provide and distribute spare parts of Clark forklifts (Sepahan), has been started it's activation, and represents the repairing   and restoring services of this popular and well qualified brand in Iranian market.

By increasing the number of Clark forklifts (Sepahan), and dissatisfaction of customers about the lack of spare parts and shortage of appropriate services, Karaco team decided to make a great complete and mechanized storage of spare parts and equipped repair station containing modern facilities to supply customers need by importing directly from related companies.

Concerning to high variation of spare parts, and increase of currency rate, and well knowledge of market and customers need, this company started an internal and external trading department, using the most professional experts to provide highly qualified spare parts with various prices from Iran and other zone's markets.

In addition, the cost of parts depends on customer's request and quality (original and not original), and number of spare parts being available in storage.

Relying to our experience in many years to reduce prices and make competition, this company tries to purchase high number of parts to provide and represent the lowest price of spare parts to the customers.

Concerning to customer's need, the repair department, containing professional trained technicians in Germany Clark Company and Sweden BT Company has been started working as an independent unit, to bring comfort for the customers.

As the greatest team of Clark forklifts (Sepahan) spare parts selling center, we are proud to cooperate with more than 100 well known internal companies from different industries such as automobile manufacturing and depended industries, Dairy and Food industries, Petrochemical and oil, Tile industries, Glass, Cosmetics, Mines, Wood and Paper, Ports and Shipping, Casting, Carpet, Rail way, Custom, Iron and Steel and also creditable sellers of Clark parts in Iranian market.


Karaco parts in no 6 bonskdar st. tehra. Iran


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